Royal RSP-18 Single Burner Stock Pot Range.jpg

Royal RSP-18 Single Burner Stock Pot Range


S/S Front and sides. Heavy duty 3 ring burners rated at 90,000 BTU/hr. Powerful jet burners rated at 125,000 BTU/hr (RMJ/ RSPJ series).

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Royal RSP-18 Single Burner Stock Pot Range.jpg

Additional Info


Weight 105 lbs

Dimensions 18 x 21 x 24 in

Gas Type

Liquid Propane, Natural Gas





  • Full width, removable stainless steel drip pan to catch spills for easy cleanup.
  • Compact, heavy gauge chassis for long life.
  • Stainless steel sides and front valve cover.
  • T – Tempura Wok Top.
  • J – Jet Burner.
  • Stainless steel tubing for pilots.
  • Heavy, cast iron three-ring burner, rated at a total of 90,000 BTU/hr.
  • Burner is equipped with two continuous pilots strategically placed for instant ignition of each section.
  • Two Manual controls to operate the inner and outer rings independently for maximum flexibility of usage.
  • Cast iron top grate.