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Star G12-Y 12 Oz Popcorn Popper


The Galaxy popcorn popper brings life to every party. Perfect for convenience stores, concessions, recreational facilities and fun centers, and restaurants.

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Star G12-Y 12 Oz Popcorn Popper.jpg

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  • Star’s Galaxy popcorn machines bring smell, taste and fun to a variety of foodservice operations.

  • Available in 8, 12, 14 and 18 oz. kettle sizes to fit any foodservice volume requirements.

  • Euro style design with etched glass makes Galaxy Popcorn machines an attractive addition to any foodservice operation.

  • Pops 170 to 360 one ounce servings of Star’s quality Chief’s Choice brand popcorn per hour (Contact factory for details).

  • Kettle design allows safe and easy dispensing of your popped corn into the cabinet.

  • Heated stainless steel corn deck keeps your popcorn fresh and crisp.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum posts, plexiglass door and stainless steel construction provide strength, durability and maintenance free operation.

  • Clear two-piece plexiglass door with aluminum hinge and magnetic catch stands up to constant use.

  • Features stainless steel drawer for easy removal of old maids (un-popped kernels).

  • Top control panel has two on/off switches: Top switch is for kettle heat. Bottom is for corn deck and heat lamp.

  • Weight 90 lbs Dimensions 21 x 21 x 36 in