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Alto-Shaam CTP7-20E 8 Pan Full Size Electric Combi Oven


Our most popular model and the industry standard, the CT Peroformance™ 7-20 Combitherm® oven has the power and capacity to keep up with even the busiest of kitchens.

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Alto-Shaam CTP10-20E 11 Pan Full Size Electric Combi Oven.jpg

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  • Oven with state-of-the-art innovative solutions that meld together perfectly to deliver the highest performance standards, consistent food quality, and production efficiency.

  • Protouch™ control provides a simple and intuitive touch screen interface, large screen display and icons that are easy to use and identify.

  • Software operation in English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, or Spanish.

  • Four cooking modes: Steam – 85°F to 250°F (30°C to 120°C) Convection – 85°F to 575°F (30°C to 301°C) Combination – 85°F to 575°F (30°C to 301°C) Retherm – 245°F to 320°F (120°C to 160°C).

  • Cook time is displayed in hours : minutes : seconds for greater precision.

  • Access an unlimited number of programmed titled recipes that you’ve customized, marked as favorites, or placed into category folders.

  • Removable, single-point, quick-connect, core temperature product probe.

  • Two power levels: reduced power to manage kitchen power peaks, and eco power for optimal oven efficiency.

  • Absolute humidity control™ (AHC) provides 0 – 100% humidity levels allowing more control over the ideal cooking environment and product finish.

  • Auto-reversing fan with five different fan speeds expands cooking capabilities – from braising, roasting, to flow sensitive products such as soufflés and meringues, or any product affected by a high velocity of air movement.

  • Moisture injection feature provides perfect sheen and crust on breads and pastry items.

  • Auto-detect USB for HACCP data access, recipe management, and software updates.

  • Multi-shelf timers can be labeled by product name and programmed in hours, minutes and seconds giving greater control for delicate items.

  • Sleep mode can be used to save valuable time by eliminating the need to power down and restart.

  • Low temperature Delta-T feature for lower temperature cooking or longer term roasting.

  • Programmable cool down feature provides the operator with the ability to lower the temperature of the oven compartment at an accelerated pace.

  • Dehydration auxiliary function.

  • CombiClean PLUS™ fully automated cleaning with 5 cleaning levels.

  • Odometer tracking and audit trail provides extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting features.

  • Weight 680 lbs Dimensions 47 x 44 x 38 in Electric Type 208V/1Ph, 208V/3Ph, 240V/1Ph